SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio with MP3 Player

Buy Cheap SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio with MP3 Player

Buy Low Price From Here Now Product Description With the release of the Stiletto 2, Sirius ushers in the next personal music player revolution. With a slim and sleek profile smaller than a video iPod, the ultra-portable Sirius Stiletto 2 satellite radio receiver features a built-in antenna that allows reception of the Sirius signal without the need for an external car or home docking station. This handheld receiver offers users up to 100 hours of internal storage of live satellite program and music feeds. It also can handle MP3 and WMA files, enabling you to mix Sirius content with your own personal music collection. When coupled with an optional vehicle or home docking kit, you can broadcast both Sirius radio and digital audio files over any FM stereo via the built-in transmitter (adapter required).

The sleek and stylish Stiletto 2 can play both Sirius broadcasts and MP3s. View larger.

With its compact design, the Stiletto 2 lets you experience Sirius internet radio on the go.
The compact Stiletto 2 MP3 player is a 4.3-ounce portable radio that is capable of receiving live Sirius broadcasts via both satellite and Wi-Fi signals. Internal flash memory is used to store Sirius content as well as MP3/WMA files for non-live playback. Listeners can easily bookmark songs and tag favorite songs for later purchase using any Windows-based online music service. Additionally, the Stiletto 2 supports removable microSD flash memory cards to enable users to conveniently expand usable memory space. MP3 and WMA files also can be stored on the Stiletto 2 and managed with the included My Sirius Studio software. The Stiletto 2 is compatible with most music download and subscription services.

The enhanced Wi-Fi capability of the Stiletto 2 permits access to standard Sirius Internet Radio (SIR) or, for an additional subscription charge, SIR’s premium audio quality offering. SIR gives subscribers access to more than 80 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio content on the Internet, including Howard Stern's two channels, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Sirius OutQ, and commercial-free music programming. Sirius also selected Altec Lansing to develop the new antenna headphones for the Stiletto 2. Featuring large 30-mm drivers for full-spectrum acoustics and an adjustable headband for increased user comfort, the new Altec Lansing antenna headphones can deliver hours of listening enjoyment in absolute comfort and crystal clear audio clarity.

Other features of the Stiletto 2 include a brilliant 2.2-inch color display, a handy media dial, and a six-way navigation control that provides easy one-handed access to all features and content. Thrown in for added convenience are Sirius Replay, which allows users to pause, rewind, and replay up to 60 minutes of live radio programming; Game Alert, which allows listeners to track favorite sports team and drive broadcasts and alerts when scores change; and Game Zone, which provides a listing of the user's favorite teams in one virtual category. Parents also have control over usable channels with the parental channel lockout feature. Measuring 1.9 x 4.3 x 0.6 inches, the Stiletto 2 weighs in at a scant 4.3 ounces.

About Sirius
Sirius Satellite Radio delivers more than 130 channels of music and programming via crystal clear direct satellite feed. In addition to 69 channels of commercial-free music listening, Sirius also delivers 65 channels of sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic, and weather forecasts. Sirius--the official satellite radio partner of the NFL, NASCAR, and NBA--broadcasts live play-by-play games of the NFL and NBA, as well as live NASCAR races. All Sirius programming is available for a monthly subscription fee.

What's in the Box
Stiletto 2 receiver/MP3 player, battery, AC power adaptor, Altec Lansing headphones, ear buds, PC cable, and My Sirius Studio software.

Listen to more than 130 channels of music and programming on the go--in the car, at home, or in the office.


Technical Details

- Robust and versatile 2 GB MP3 player with Sirius satellite radio reception
- Schedule recordings to capture up to 100 hours of favorite Sirius shows or programs; brilliant 2.2-inch full-color display
- Enhanced WiFi 802.11 and direct satellite connectivity; MicroSD media slot to augment internal memory
- Press single button to store favorite individual songs heard live on any Sirius music channel
- 90-day warranty
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Customer Buzz
By M. Sanders
The only reason this item gets a 1 rating is because there is not a 0. We have Sirius in our cars and love it. We get a great signal going 80mph. With the Stiletto 2, you can't get a consistent signal standing still in an open field. What's worse is that once you open it to see how it does not work, it is yours. There are no returns. Consider yourself warned!

Customer Buzz
 "Overpriced, lousy signal, cant record on WIFI, horrible "support"" 2009-11-16
By Moe
Let me start by saying I am a fan of Sirius. I have been a subscriber for three years now. However, I am frustrated with how much money I sunk into this product. The Stiletto itself cant cost more then $20 to make yet it retails for several hundred! You have to purchase a home kit and car kit if you want to be able to listen through speakers at home or in the car. You have to purchase more than one home kits if you want to listen in different rooms in your home. You have to purchase a bypass for your vehicle if you want to be able to HEAR it since Sirius can't emit strong enough signals by law (customer service verified this). Then of course you need a case to protect it and a separate band if you want the portability of taking it on the train, to the gym, etc. All of these products aren't cheap! It's hard to get a signal no matter what I do at home...even when the antenna is outside! I only care about using the satellite because I want to RECORD and you can't record on WIFI! Stupid!

I basically use this as a glorified MP3 player...and now I have to remember to take it with me everywhere so I can listen in the car and at home. Customer service is a joke! I spoke to three separate folks none of which spoke English clearly and none of which were willing to admit that there was a problem with the signal strength on their end since no matter what I tried we could not get a signal (and I live in a big city). Skip it.

Customer Buzz
 "Happy User" 2009-11-13
By Kenneth J. Rogers (Murfreesboro, TN)
I am extremely pleased. I use it daily at work and at home. At home, I plug it into my

Bose wireless speaker and the sound is great. I have not used it as am MP3; whats the purpose when you have 160 channels to choose from.

Customer Buzz
 "Good" 2009-11-07
By A. Vowell (Texas)
Good item. You need to have the "line in" in your vehicle because the FM transmitter is weak. Very weak. Besides that, it is small, portable satellite radio. The headphones with the antenna are large and not very comfy. I use a car kit and am considering a home kit.

Customer Buzz
 "Could be much better" 2009-10-27
By Kemp (Charlotte, NC)
I bought this on Amazon gold for only $100, pass reviews have not been kind. I read them before I bought it and most are dead on. This is not a satellite receiver. If you live in a city with a repeater, land transmitters, it works great, if you live outside a metro area, forget it. The Good: cool size, Internet radio works wherever there is wifi, sound good, haven't used mp3 function, antenna headphone great sound, battery life seem OK, but I haven't pushed it yet. Bad, Reception anywhere that is not near a land repeater, Internet radio has CNN but not Fox, hey NYer's Fox has FOUR times the viewer, bag CNN, can not record on Internet radio.

I also bought the car kit, which is cool, BUT has some major issues. First the good, buttons easy to use. The bad, FM transmitter doesn't work, old Sirus one worked, this one doesn't,the kit comes with two ways to attach your unit, with a vent plastic attachment or a permanent glue attachment, which is awful. The glue option does not have suction cups like all other Sirius car kits, which means you can not transfer the kit from one car to another. The unit is totally vertical, which means you must install it on some place with 6 inches above the unit. As I mentioned the transmitter is worthless, I have a cassette player reader installed and it works great. The stupid antenna extension kit is TOTALLY worthless. I spent an hour trying to set it up, it is worthless. The solution, go to radio shack and buy a $10 FM transmitter, plug it in and your sl2 will work in your car or on your fm at home. Don't buy a stupid home kit, buy the transmitter, use Internet radio and you have great sound on your fm radio at home.

Another word about sirius. I have had both xm and sirius, I chose sirius because they played music, which I am paying to hear. Now, after the merger, the worst of XM has come to sirius, DJs and their chatter on 5,6, 7 channels. If I wanted to listen to some stupid DJ I'd listen to free radio, hope someone at sirus reads this and gets rid of the stupid, really stupid djs.

Oh and Cousin Brucie is an IDIOT, he was in the 60's on WABC and he still is. How old is that guy?

Buy it for $100 bucks and buy the car kit for $40 NO MORE. It's not worth anymore.

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